Buildings with Soul

We came across, quite by accident, the David Adjaye @adjaye_visual_sketchbookexhibition @designmuseum this evening, having only gone out to the park for a (cold) breather from being indoors and a post nap runaround.

What we found was a series of adjoining rooms showcasing spectacularly deep and courageous works of architecture from all over the world connecting people with space, environment with history. .

@adjaye_visual_sketchbook David’s work and collaborations link many cultural aspects and contributes to exciting and innovative design, closely connected to the people who will use the buildings and momentos of tribute to those that have come before. 

#martinlutherkingjr and his wife Coretta will have a beautiful tribute on the #bostoncommon in the near future, and countries like South Korea, which has a reading pavilion called the #gwanjuriverreadingroom , and Ghana’s #Nationalcathedral are just a few of the works showcased. 

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