Healing Buildings

Really blown away by the Living With Buildings exhibition @wellcomecollectionon health and architecture.

Since the scandal @grenfelltower much attention has rightly been given to the impact of architecture on the health of residents, particularly in social housing. Covering areas such as demolition of huge estate blocks to open air spaces to help stop the spread of tuberculosis, the design of new buildings with health in mind has come leaps and bounds. London health centres in Peckham and Finsbury, the @alvaraaltofoundation sanatorium and the @normanfosterfdn designed @maggiescentres providing gorgeous serene surroundings for those affected by cancer are all examples covered in the exhibition.

So many important issues to think about regarding children and families within their environments and how it affects happiness and wellbeing. These subjects have already come up in my workshops.

Also @wellcomecollection has good access and space for buggies and children so if you can manage the journey here then it’s definitely worth while.

Cube Planning